• I think I had a holiday a week ago...I seem to remember a beach.

    Had to resort to NoFX this wonderful Monday morning to get a kickstart. It was that or coffee and alcohol and, quite frankly, it was pretty close there for a while. NoFX won out and have just this minute merged into Millencolin.

  • The gobstopper is no more. It was finally conquered last night at 8:37pm.

    Here's a question. Why do companies think they can get away with having email addresses that don't work? It's like having a phone number that no one answers.

  • Computers suck. The things you can do with them are great but the whole environment including the crappy boxes suck.

    After years of making web sites work for clients, users, managers, project managers, bob the janitor and the design institute of web awards (or something), a pursuit that requires, form, function and interaction to be merged in a delicately impossible symbiosis, I find it ironic that we still use computers that are complete bollocks.

  • The gobstopper mission is still a go. It's finally changed color though so progress is being made. Looking forward to having my stereo fixed...Rancid just isn't the same without some real bass and decent speakers (though who can really tell).

  • I have been given a gobstopper which is proving to be a challenge. It's about 4cm in diameter and so far it's taken 3 hours to remove the first 2 layers. I still can't get it in my mouth though I haven't forced the issue in case I can't get itout again.

  • Okay now the weather's just being silly. It can stop raining anytime now and it'll be okay with me. At least the house hasn't flooded...yet. :-)

  • I'm having one of those days that seems to be bursting with time. This morning I spent what felt like 2 days working on a web concept only to look up and find it had only been a few hours. While I kind of like these sorts of days where time doesn't drag, there just seems to be a lot of it, it is a little unnerving for some reason. Maybe it's guilt..who knows. Maybe it's just a benefit of working at home or maybe it's the rain.

    I was all set to go for a skate but as the driveway is flooded and not conducive to wheeled activities I haven't been yet. Instead I sat at the computer and read punk articles...which really just made me want to go out for skate.

    Interestingly enough time appears to have sped up again. Life can be weird sometimes.

  • After spinning around a couple of punk sites I learned that Bad Religion's drummer has had to stop due to injury and that 59 Times the Pain and No Fun At All have split up. NFAA's break up is particularly sad as I have been a fan from their early days. I even have an email from Ingemaar from 1996 when they had just released "Out of Bounds". It's interesting to note that punks had taken to the Internet so well. I like punk bands..they stay real.