18 July, 2015

The end of my last school holidays. I have two more weeks to work out my contract at Linwood College before kicking off at the Mind Lab. Whether it's due to being sick [go the holidays] or just getting a bit flat on the whole work thing I have given up on thinking about medium and long term planning. I never seem to have any accurate idea where I'll be or what I'll doing within six months and my current interests seem to flick around quite a bit.

Watching a robot [Roomba 880] vacuum my house at the moment. I have become quite attached to the thing as it nows wanders around the house to a schedule sucking up a surprising amount of crap and getting into places that haven't seen a vacuum cleaner in years. It has even found a few small items I thought had been lost to the ages. Our toddler and cat are both quite excited albeit in different ways and the house is looking remarkably sparkly after a few runs. It's nice when a piece of hardware does what it is meant to do and I for one welcome robotic servants into my home.

Speaking of hardware I moved my phone to the nightly builds of Cyanogenmod bringing it up to 5.0 of Android. It seems to have done wonders for the battery life of the phone [an old S2] and given the hardware a new lease of life.  

The holidays saw the production of a new worm bin that makes use of the old bath we pulled out while renovating [some five years ago]. The worms seem happy so far, the property looks cleaner without a dodgey bath lying around and we should have a bit more room for the oddly large amount of organic waste we seem to be producing. The garden is going to be happy come Spring. I also beat up some of the trees around the front of the property that were threatening my new spouting. Years of neglect resulted in some odd growth so hopefully the pruning brings them back to reality.

Roll on the next two weeks. Will be interesting to see what I'm doing this time next year.