16 Apr, 12

It occurs to me it has been almost 3 months since our daughter was born. Time appears to be passing quickly in some directions and slowly in others which is always a slightly weird feeling. I'm not sure when we stopped freaking out and settled down to being parents. I'm not even sure when I decided evenings are best spent playing with a baby and listening to music. It has all just happened. I looked down at my camo shorts this evening, looked at all the "internet-enabled" devices kicking around, listened to the punk music I had on one of those devices, looked at my daughter and saw her smile ... from happiness or wind I do not know or particularly care. She smiled ... at my camo shorts? the music? the wind? the funny cube thing hanging above her head? the silly look on my face? I'm not sure when I decided it doesn't matter what causes a smile.

The extension is complete, the house is pretty much done to a point we can live without too much effort and after some strategic plant rearrangement and removal of building material the back area looks almost friendly. We have sat out there and admired the sky on at least one evening. I will be very happy when my weekends are no longer taken up by renovations. It does, however, mean I will need to (re)find a hobby.

Must be time to brew another beer soon.