15 March, 2014

I'm now an officially registered teacher again, Subject to Confirmation and having a pretty good time really. The money sucks and I am looking forward to the salary assessment coming through from Novopay. I imagine it will still suck but as I'm currently on less money than I was when I was in my 20s it can only move forwards again ... or it'll be a quick return to the private sector again I guess. Money aside, it's all good. Tough, tiring and schools haven't changed much but it's very cool to back working with young people and pushing the Digital Tech thing again. Course redesigns in progress, lots of new ideas and things are looking pretty good for next year ... assuming the students buy into it all.

Have started listening to music again. Hadn't realised I'd stopped somewhere along the line. Back into old favourites and currently enjoying the Social Distortion DVD. Discovering that bands I listened to in the 90s are still going and damn if they haven't released a crapload of albums since. There's something nice about having a backlog to pick up and get into.

The 3D printer has been taken over for cookie cutter production. It's cool that there is a way to cover the cost of filament and awesome that people like the cutter designs C is coming up with. Our sales went international last week with people in Oz and the US buying. Sometimes taking that little risk just works out and allows people to do their thing.

Still holding out in Christchurch despite it being a fairly abusive relationship for all. Earthquakes, rebuild, snow and recently major flooding has all been a bit crap but we're not quite ready to move on yet.