11 December, 2013

With a blur of work, Wiggles, and lifestyle changes the end of the year is racing in head-long and out of control. Our first, and hopefully not last, craft market went pretty well with a decent number of 3D printed cookie cutters sold and most of the jobs requiring hard work have all ended leaving the year to finish ... albeit head-long and out of control.

The baby is no longer a baby and is racing uncontrollably around on wobbly legs, burbling away in something that sounds like English but could also include languages we've never heard before. She is growing fast and, while hard work, is a lot of fun. We are sort of relaxing into parenting with a kind of tense nonchalance.

The garden is under control this year and it looks like we might actually eat out of it. Actually the little critter has discovered the currants and strawberries and happily munches her way through them pausing only to tell us "More!'. It is now an exercise for us to ensure she doesn't eat things not fit for human consumption or devour entire crops of vegetables and fruit before we get a shot at them.

Will be interesting to see what next year brings.