04 Sep, 12

Our daughter is now so 7 months and aging quickly ... which can only mean I am aging equally quickly. So be it. She is quite the fun little critter at the moment. A bit screamy at times but generally a great little girl. Eats like a trooper and appears to have her Mother's keen taste for sweet foods. I will likely never get a chance with cakes and biscuits again I guess.

Work has faded off a bit but we do have some Raspberry PIs to play with and a 3D printer on its way. I am dying for the 3D printer and have filled my days creating models and getting used to modelling solids. Need to test a few things but it should be great fun to research something physical for a change. My Raspberry PI has two OS options now: Raspbian for ... well, not really sure yet; and Raspbmc for all my media needs. Actually it was just an exercise of interest to see if I could get the thing running at all. Now I am starting to bend my mind to other projects that are limited only by my complete inability to do anything electronic without 'sploding the circuits. It could be a great learning opportunity or an expensive way to burn out electronic devices.

With C's father in hospital after a nasty motorbike accident we have had family staying. Makes for a full house but rather pleasant. Amelia is loving all the extra attention. Waiting game now to see how thing span out.

The garden is in limbo. I jinxed the fruit trees by walking out there and wondering if we were due for a nice spring and a good year of fruit. Two hours later and we have a massive thunderstorm and hail the size of golf balls ... well, smallish golf balls.

The house has been signed off by the council. We have had EQC people through with an eye to getting repairs done. All minor stuff so we're in pretty good shape all things considered.