Profile - Education

My personal education history is fairly standard starting with primary school which, while I remember very little of what happened, I'm sure I enjoyed; high school followed in which I spent my final year at a high school in Norway where I spent about 80% of the time desperately trying to understand what was going on. I have a bachelor degree in Design Studies from the University of Otago of which the last three months proved to be the most influential...the
Internet got interesting and I learned the basics of HTML.

Since then I haven't looked back. The Internet is my medium of choice and I have found that visual communication and interaction design are two things I enjoy immensely. Education now comes in the form of working with people much more clever than me, researching new ideas, techniques and streamlining my design skills.


Getting the knowledge is one thing but I have also discovered I enjoy passing it on again to anyone who shows an interest, and some who don't. As the senior designer of a small webdesign team I enjoyed bringing people up to speed on particular techniques and helping them realise concepts.

Currently I'm looking at running workshops designed to bring Designers up to speed with web standards technologies and introduce them to a less labour intensive and more accessible ways of working with the Internet.

Update: 05/11/05 ... and now I'm a secondary school teacher.

Update: 06/07/09 ... and now I'm not.

Update: 28/01/14 ... and now I'm a teacher again.