6 February, 2014

Been an interesting few weeks. Towards the end of my one week off between jobs a couple of pitbull dogs killed our chooks and attacked me. A few hours stand off with police and animal control and the dogs were brought under control and hauled away. The more vicious one has subsequently been euthanised. Still not sure why we allow some of these breeds in the country. My legs are starting to heal up well though and I discovered I can climb a tree one handed while on the phone to a police operator when required to.

I have started work as a teacher again, this time at Linwood College. It's a tough road getting back into the swing of things and a suddenly and heavily scheduled lifestyle again but in general it still feels like a good move. Started to meet my students and with the first full week next week I imagine I'll be sleeping most of the following weekend. While schools seem to be much the same as always there does seem to be potential at this school and some interesting new teachers so will be interesting to see how it pans out. If nothing else I have an increased level of interesting work stories again ... and it's only been a week.

Another police call out on the neighbours tonight after a day long party moved into the inevitable fight between drunken knuckleheads. I am a) amazed at how many second chances people get in these parts and b) increasingly concerned at how many times I call the police these days. I do seem to have a lot of very polite conversations with police operators though.