29 August, 2013

The house renovations are finished with new carpet and the last bits of skirting attached. With Spring on the way focus is shifting outside to the jungle-like garden and to tidying up all the scrappy looking things around the property.

The baby keeps on growing and is now a fully-fledged member of the toddler group. In the space of two weeks she has gone from crawling at high speed to walking unsteadily at high speed. It is terrifying to watch the progression over such a short period of time. Apart from a few attempts to head butt the table and the ground simultaneously things have been pretty smooth.

The new job is a bit weird still. Starting to ramp up a bit but I still have the odd feeling of having been sold. The majority of other employees have resigned and moved on. It occurred to me I don't really care that much any more and am happy to stick around keeping the income stable for a while. Looking back that is actually quite a move for me. I did buy a 3D printer kit that I am putting together with some students (and the odd teacher) and have been given leeway and time to do that during work hours.

Ignoring the various crazy politics of the country, bought a second car to get myself to work in and generally hunkering down for a few months. Still 3D printing, still dreaming of making clothing and still getting out into the garden. Need to make some more beer and life will be pretty solid.