27 October, 2013

It's been an odd year. Considering the last four years or so have also been odd I probably shouldn't be too surprised or maybe I'm just wary of it all now ... or possibly weary. My job has settled down to much the same as the pre-sold version although the idea of Design as a business concept is more marginalised now and I, and my ideas about Design are definitely in the minority. Still being asked to build silly little web sites and call it software design, still surrounded by conversations about computers but very little about people, and still trying to find some creative energy in it all. It is odd and I find myself wondering if this is another fit in or fuck off situation. Luckily for the I.T. industry it pays well or I doubt anyone sane would work in it.

I have the 3D printer at home consistently operating again. After a few months of warped models and failed prints I rotated the thing 90 degrees, effectively reducing the draught from the door hitting it square and have it all back to normal. Whipping through filament again like there is no tomorrow. Built a bookshelf out of the rimu we pulled out of the old kitchen, created some new raised beds for the garden and have generally been fixing things and makeing myself useful in a physical sense.

Out toddler is now toddling and burbling out words and things that sound like words. In true fashion this long weekend has seen everyone get sick and missing out on various planned social events. Such is life I guess. I am eyeing up a bottle of whisky.