27 July, 2014

A weekend alone with my daughter doing Daddy stuff. We created a drum kit out of pots and played along to various 90s punk bands at a suitable volume, scared some ducks, told a loud digger to be quiet, made muffins and bread, beat the garden into shape, played 'tunnels' with washing on the line. The change of pace was excellent.

Term 3 at school. Still have no real preference either way for teaching at the moment as nothing much has changed. Love the classroom, think schools are naff. Oddly enough many of the students seem to hold a similar opinion. Have a set of year 7 students coming in for a bit of programming and robotics on Mondays. Cute kids and fun to work with. Year 10s are doing pretty well and getting into the whole project approach now. Year 11s are still a bit cagey with many struggling to complete anything really. 12s and 13s are all moving along well. Keen for Novopay to tidy up so I can have some financial freedom to make decisions.

So far a year of holding on and trying to ignore the crazy again.