23 Mar, 12

So ... we're parents. Actually that happened back in January but it's taken some time to stop freaking out. That night, 26 January 2012 can only be described as full on. Woken at 4am to the comment "Something isn't right", by 4:30 we were at the hospital and at 7:29 our daughter came 6 weeks premature by emergency cesarean, pale, breech, not breathing and generally doing it all wrong. From there it gets real hazy. I remember ICU, nurses, doctors, a weird conversation with a doctor about motion cameras and smart phones, and generally feeling messed up ... and really hungry. 4 weeks later and we had her home. Now all is going well and we are not freaking out too often. I have started to listen to punk music again ... albeit at a lower volume.

The house is finished, pending a final inspection ... or another one at least. The last one was a bit picky. The garden has been left to its own devices, the garage is still standing (damn it) and the cat has been relegated to the lowest rung ... lower than the chooks it would seem.

Punk Rock Dad indeed.