19 November, 2012

Week two of a holiday. Spent last week hanging out with my daughter and giving C some time out (and shopping time). Been great getting the time with baby and not having to go anywhere or do anything. The garden has had a bit of a tidy up and a few small jobs have been done. Some thinking has taken place and some decisions that were moved to one side by the last few years are finally being made. The weather is pretty decent, the house is comfortable and doesn't need much work, the freakin' solar panels are working properly this year and the power bill is reflecting that. All good.

Changes at work in progress, hopefully for the better. I've ordered myself a 3D printer for a bit of fun and getting my head around producing physical objects. Looking forward to that one. Need to build a second wood shed at some stage this week. Our heating requirements have increased a bit with people at home full time. EQC have been postponed until next year. Just couldn't face the work at this end of the year.

With luck the madness of the last few years has toned down and we see a bit of peace.