17 Aug, 11

So, when things get a bit rough and there's snow, rain, hail and a bike ride through it all a bit of a stock take is in order. This one I call: You know you are a success when

  1. you have your own business
  2. you have a teaching diploma and have actually taught in a classroom
  3. you listen to punk music and still think it's awesome
  4. you own your own home
  5. you have actively and consciously destroyed and rebuilt parts of that home
  6. people talk to you when they need something AND just because
  7. you cross between different industries and the idea of specialisation makes you feel funny and a bit bored
  8. hair is on your head and stomach muscles are still visible on your stomach
  9. you bike everywhere because you freakin' can and because, while you sort of care about the planet, biking keeps those stomach muscles on your stomach
  10. you can identify a dickhead before they talk to you, saving everyone the embarrassment of having to point it out loudly

This has been a completely crap day on top of a pretty naff year. Roll on insanity.