1 March 2013

Life keeps on giving. The baby has managed a few firsts lately with teeth rocking through, a dose of the chicken pox, her first birthday, and going to other babies' first birthdays. Our social life has, if anything, improved through our connection with other people with babies. I feel decidedly middle-aged.

EQC (although they now seem to be calling themselves EQR) is on our door step again, threatening to do something to our house but being suitably vague about what that something will be. I fully expect to come home one day and find the house demolished, the property sold and a small lemonade stand where my garage used to be. We do, however have alternative accommodation and what is looking like a holiday just before it all happens. My breath is 'bated.

The 3D printer is proving to be great fun. The Makerbot Replicator 2, in all its glory often cranks out odd looking plastic that sometimes resembles some sort of thing. My computer desk is covered in strands of filament, completed and half completed prints, parts for gluing together and a number of failed experiments in an assortment of colours. It is fair to say my 3D modelling skills and my understanding of the physical world have improved considerably. One of the better purchases I have made in my life.

Yet again the I.T. company I work for has been sold to a larger company. At least cashflow has ceased to be a major issue ... or at least I no longer have to care about it which equates to the same thing in my world. That is the third time I have been sold. Let's see how this one works out.