The Trouser Project: Part 5 - CyberShorts

After years of planning and experimenting with Arduino, electronics and generally getting my head around how to wire up a basic circuit and add programming without bad things happening, I have finally produced a pair of shorts with LEDs in them.

A Gemma programmable board from Adafruit gives the control and RGB LEDs (Adafruit Neopixels) do the lighting up, colour thing. Standard wiring runs down the legs from the board and then conductive thread connects the LEDs to the circuit. The shorts are my own design, similar to the Camo Shorts but with a more cyberpunk style, and made out of a fairly solid black drill material. They sport a Trouser Project label, a working fly and a neat metal jean style button.

In true Trouser Project style, the shorts fit, do what they are meant to and were slightly painful to produce. Long live the Trouser Project.