The Trouser Project: Part 4 - Camo Shorts

It's no secret that I am truly sick of the clothing available in most stores these days. Mediocrity seems to be the norm...maybe it always was, maybe my taste in clothing is a bit screwed, who knows, who cares.

Following a bit of inspiration and sketching I came up with some shorts I wanted to make. I've really taken to grey camouflage and a style that's somewhere between skate, punk and military fashion. Something about a style that camouflages in an urban setting appeals to me.

Following previous attempts through The Trouser Project I was keen to get the sewing part really clean this time. Lots of thinking and effort went into the accuracy and for the most part the shorts have come out really well. They fit perfectly, though they should after all the measuring and trying on. I am particularly proud of the fly...zips are a bitch to sew in but this one worked out somehow.

The black edging makes the whole thing work and a friend dropped me some little studs to attach. All in all, a success for The Trouser Project. Two years ago I couldn't sew.