Mohawks and how to get one

I find the Mohawk to be an incredibly inspirational hair style. They come in all shapes and sizes, inspire a range of emotions in those who see them and feel completely funky if attached to your head. I occasionally put my hair into a mohawk and after much experimentation I found the best way to get my hair standing straight up from the center of my head. Here's how I did it:

Hair Gel...extra strength. No egg whites, no soap, no vaseline...just hair gel. Shave your head hard back leaving a strip about 2cm wide down the middle of your head. Perfection is not the point. Smear the gel into what's left of your hair and keep working it upwards. If you want spikes start forming them immediately, gel drys quickly. 5 minutes and your 'hawk will be starting to form solid. Easy really. Works well for spikes up to about 8-10cm. Beyond that you need to get serious with it.

I found a couple articles on mohawks for that little bit extra...

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or you could just buy a mohawk and stick it to your head