30 July 2015

After being left to get established some winter pruning of the fruit trees has happened to try and get a better shape and easier picking over the next few years. An old bath tub has been converted into a larger worm bin and takes its place in the compost area for our oddly large amount of organic waste. A new colony of worms have been moved in and so far seem pretty happy. After we lost our chooks to some marauding dogs the hen house has started to fall apart. We are now thinking about chooks again and this time I think I'll build a decent hen house that can withstand attacking pitbulls. We've had a good few years of fruit and vege out of the garden and our wee girl is getting very used to picking apples stright from the tree. We don't even get a look in on the strawberries and currants. A new pergola has given us some space to not only sit but also to grow vines up replacing an old plum tree that was doing more harm to the backyard than good. A sandpit now also sits in amongst the fruit trees.