25 November 2012

The garden has entered Spring mode and starting to look green again. Not many changes this year but notable differences include: the old washing line has been replaced with a retractable version, and the Nikau palm has been [reluctantly] removed. Everything else has been a matter of pruning and getting some shape back in.

Lots of apples this year but the plum and pear trees lost all blossom to a frost. The apricot is putting on size but no blossom yet and it looks like an average year for the currants. Good asparagus though and the potatoes have gone mad.

Future plans for post-harvest include redesigning the raised beds to six small plots, moving the boysenberry and blackberry to a more suitable location, and removing the hazelnut trees as a lost cause (diseased trees in a neighbouring property have ruined ours). Still deciding on the replacements.

The herb garden has been recovered from the grass and mint madness and most of our bulbs and flowering plants are doing well this year. Lots of bumblebees but a notable lack of honey bees. The chooks are happy and still laying like troopers.