21 July, 2008

The garden has been left alone for a few months while winter did its thing. Of note, we have started putting a raised edge around the garden to create extra space for plants along the edge and define the shape of the lawn a bit more. We have also removed the large wooden box compost that was smoldering in the corner and replaced with three smaller plastic composts that are a little tidier and are less intrusive on that corner. A couple of native trees have been planted behind them to start creating the hedge along that north facing fence. The plan is that it'll be low enough to let light in but high enough for privacy and stopping wind. Part of the lawn that was really lumpy has been dug over and is being progressively levelled ready for some grass seed a little closer to Spring. We noticed the flooding is still pretty bad in one corner around the raised gardens so will have to get serious about that soon.

With a little more planning this year we have put in garlic, onions and asparagus. The onions and garlic have been poking their heads up over the last few weeks despite some frantic digging from the cat. All trees are still with us and I noticed the Hazelnuts and Granny Smith all have small buds appearing on them.