21 December, 2009

Very little writing about the garden happening at the moment as we're too busy dealing with the manic growth that has ensued. Our two year old grape vine has come in strong and is putting on a lot of fruit, the Granny Smith is loaded and we are pulling a basket of strawberries every few days. A lot of the leafy veges have gone silly in this warm wet weather and are going to seed faster than we can eat them. The onions are looking good but also heading to seed pretty quickly. The early potatoes are looking great and the main crop and Maori potatoes are coming along nicely. We have a lot of peas appearing and the ones we have eaten are really sweet. The black currants came off today and have been juiced. We have a few red currants this year as well although another year will see them come right. I am encouraged that the apricot tree has started to put on growth and is starting to widen it's trunk. The plum is much the same and our feijoa is looking ready to flower. We almost got some almonds but they feel early so maybe next year. All in all it's looking good back there.