18 December, 2008

The garden is in full swing. It is looking like a good year for the black boy peaches as the trees are covered. We got some cherries off the new tree and the strawberries are being picked on a daily basis at the moment. Potatoes are in and coming up quickly - this year we put in a variety of early and later types. The nectarine and almond seem to have been suffering from leaf curl but are coming back with the warmer weather. Thankfully the feijoa, which also took a beating over winter, is putting on new leaf. Not holding out for fruit from them yet. The new granny smith is a real triumph with five great looking apples maturing on it. Not bad for a young tree.

The onions and garlic are all happy, peas are growing up the odd tripod-ish thing I build, the pumpkins have come up and are growing fast, carrots are on th eway and even a few water melon seeds have germinated and are putting on growth.

We have been planting out the new raised edge gardens with all sorts of flowering plants, grasses and ground cover. A new lime tree went in to replace the little one that hasn't quite given up but is not likely to produce. The orange tree (grown from seed) is growing well and if it ever fruits I will be over the moon. From the looks of it all we are going to be spending some time preserving this year. I am dying to get some chooks soon but the general consensus is that we need to remove the garage first (partly for the building material, partly for the space). Lots to look forward to.