16 September, 2007

With the warmer weather appearing more regularly we have built up the raised beds for planting. I moved the raised beds around to give us more room in the middle for ground veges: potatoes etc and make it easier to move between them all. We now have a new dwarf nectarine and apricot in. The idea is to have a low central area rising up through fruiting shrubs and low trees into larger fruit trees. Should provide some shelter from the Easterly and the Norwester we get around here while catching the sun for most of the day. Interestingly dandelions have started to grow under the trees so hopefully we get enough to have another go at making that coffee-ish drink. The raised beds are easier to work with and get veges out of so we are both more inclined to work them which is making them more productive. All the low ground cover herbs we put around the garden have started to spread and are keeping a lot of the weeds we can't find a use for down. I notice that all the fruit trees have started to put on blossom so hopefully that turns into something this year. Presumably we will get more black boy peaches and as the wine from a few years back has actually turned out well I'm sure we can put them to use. The fruit we preserved has lasted well so that'll also be another thing to carry on this year. All good.