11 October, 2008

A brilliant Friday spent in the garden. The fruit trees are all either in full blossom or are starting to show fruit. Some are being rescued as they are still too small to really give fruit a go this year. The borage under the fruit trees is covered in bees and there is a distinct hum coming from the sky which makes me think there are a lot of bees up there somewhere. The black currants all have fruit as they were left along last year giving them plenty to grow on. The red currants are still getting up to size so hopefully they start producing next year. Needless to say the raspbeeries have gone crazy and are showing the fist signs of fruit as well. The blackberries and boysenberry are growing at a rather more sedate pace so will see ho wthey go. One of the blackberries took a beating in the frost this winter. I dug over the potato patch and noticed it is packed with worms and the soil is looking really good. The whole garden has a definite 'spring' feel about it and it is great to see it looking so good.