11 August, 2009

Lots of changes in the garden over the last few weeks. Dad came up and helped fell the big tree in the back corner to let more light into the garden. It has made a huge difference to the morning sun we get now and the neighbour over the back was quite happy to see more of the afternoon sun. We are putting in trees a little more suitable to an urban backyard.

I have extended the potato patch for this year and been working it over so the soil is in pretty good condition. We have some early spuds set out to sprout for an early start. We should be able to get them going and then set a main crop later in the year so we get more potatoes over next winter. It's a plan at least. We inherited some old rhubarb plants from our elderly neighbour when she moved out recently so hopefully we see some progress there. The one we brought in with us has been a bit sad as we keep moving it, usually as we rearrange the garden. I also noticed that our chilli plants that we had inside have started to put on new growth so I potted them up into individual pots to see what happens. For some reason it had never occurred to me that they would come back after fruiting. Really looking forward to seeing how that goes and must admit I have visions of large chilli plants covered in brilliant red chillis.

The Black Boy peach trees were topped last weekend to keep them at a manageable height. They look better for it actually and I notice all the trees are starting to put on small buds. Hopefully they are not peaking too early and put on good fruit this summer. The old apricot was also pruned back pretty heavily to encourage the new branches and give it a chance to recover from whatever attacked its base. I would hate to have to take it out if it can be coaxed back to productive life. We are keen to get some new fruit trees this year. On the cards are a pear to espalier (or at least train in some semblance of logic) along the north facing fence and another apple (or two). The choices seem to be a sweet one (maybe Fuji) and a Braeburn. Slim pickings around the garden shops and markets so just keeping an eye out for now.