08 February, 2008

The garden has got that very green, summer look about it. We have bees and all sorts of bugs whizzing around, birds, spiders and various other forms of life all having a great time. We call it diversity in action. Our garden now sports some hardware - two really comfy chairs with arms wide and flat enough to hold a decent beer still in a norwester; and a wooden moose silhouette. I am particularly proud of the moose and the somewhat incongruous reminder of Norway it portrays. It was also fun to make.

We have continued to harvest potatoes, our first squash, tomatoes, radishes, lettuces, silverbeet, carrots, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries and spring onions. I noticed the maori potatoes are happy enough and the yams have poked up. Onions are sizing up nicely, we have a few good pumpkins, beans are getting up, and the tomatoes are now staked up and starting to ripen up. It is looking like a pretty good productive year for us.

C has been making purees from a lot of the excess veges which we are starting to use in pretty anything we eat. She found a great recipe book which has recipes that hide veges in all sorts of things. We had brownies with silverbeet and carrot puree in them. Veges without the taste. Also makes a mean soup and keeps well. Should suit our lifestyle over winter wonderfully.