06 October, 2010

This year the garden is getting some real attention. Working around earthquakes the last few months of sun have let us get out and actually do some work.

I have made a new compost area to replace the three plastic compost bins and give us more room. Made out of old weather boards, we now have two compartments to feed the green stuff into for long term composting. Much easier to deal with and the back area is tidier and now has a place for chooks.

A new apple and pear tree have joined the orchard. Both double grafted giving us a good range of fruit and pollination opportunities.

I made two new raised beds to get all our vegetables above the flood level we seem to have out there in winter. They are proving much easier to work with and with a spot of brown fence paint added look pretty snazzy. The fence also got a going over with the paint to visually tidy things up and hopefully give it a few more years of life. C has woven branches together to make some pretty amazing looking supports for peas, tomatoes, etc. The idea with the peas is that they climb up the support and provide shade for the more tender veges behind the shade. Neat idea really.

The trees along the fenceline are coming away nicely so hopefully we start to see a hedge form there to cut off some of the wind that whips through there. Lots of blossom so hopefully it turns into fruit this year.