04 October, 2006

Our new house has quite a large backyard that is just perfect for the things we want to do. The sun passes over the full length of the property providing really good growing conditions. When we moved in the section was pretty much empty with some black boy peach trees around the south and east sides and an apricot that had seen better days. It looked like someone had once had vegetable gardens in the ground as there are fantastic ripples through the lawn, looking a bit like graves actually ... Our first move was to put in raised beds to get above the somewhat dead lawn soil and get vegetables growing. Master carpenter I am not but the final beds do the job and the rustic look is fine by me. We also planted our feijoa in the ground and started planning out the orchard. An almond and two hazelnut trees went in next in what will become our 'nut corner'. The fruiting shrubs: black currants, blueberry, gooseberry, and cranberries went in next creating a great edging behind the raised beds. In time this is going to work well I think.