Electric Scooter

After 25 odd years of biking everywhere under my own steam, a new breed has arrived in my life. When I first saw these electric scooters I knew it was all on, the meaning of Millencolin's song "Fox" took on new meaning and I started grinning like a raving lunatic.

Silver, powered by electricity and sexy as hell this is my kind of ride.

It has a top speed of 50km/h though it is limited by a controller which, presumably (and illegally) could be removed for higher speeds. A range of about 50km, a recharge rate of about 4-6 hours and no warrant of fitness makes it excellent for getting around town. The good folks at E-Scooters are happy to answer the various questions that pop into my head and troubleshoot any technical issues I have.

No visits to petrol stations, plenty of time to look at the city go by as I ride around and plenty of energy when I get where I'm going. This really is my kind of ride.