Black boy peach wine recipe

We have a number of these peach trees and get loads of fruit each year. This recipe came from my local brewing supply shop on a piece of faded paper that now has fruit stains all over it. Putting it here is an attempt to keep it safe and maybe even track progress.


  1. 2.5kg ripe peaches
  2. 1 campden tablet
  3. 1tsp pectolase
  4. 1tsp nutrient salts
  5. 1tsp citric acid
  6. 1tsp tanin
  7. 1.2 kg sugar
  8. water to 2.5 litres
  9. Gervin var.E yeast


  1. Cut the peaches and remove the stone.
  2. Place in a muslin bag in a bucket and cover with boiling water (I tend to just throw them in a bucket a strain through muslin later. It's messier)
  3. When cool add the campden tablet and pectolase
  4. After two days strain ( I tend to leave it for a week and stir daily)
  5. Add the sugar, water and other ingredients
  6. Place in fermenter, add yeats and airlock, leave for primary fermentation
  7. When fermentation is complete, rack into a secondary fermenter to clear
  8. Leave until clear (I sometimes rack again to remove some of the lees)
  9. Bottle
  10. Wait,
  11. Test (and either throw it out or enjoy)