When Punks Rule The Earth ...
  • I got vision and the whole world's wearing bifocals

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • The third year teaching at Burnside High School is under way and progressing well. New and improved course ideas that let students design and manage their own projects and a new way of teaching technical skills. It's tiring and tricky keeping it all balanced but I think it's going to be well worth it. The whole apporach is also giving me reasons to experiment with a laser cutter and try out new techniques that integrate different media. Loving the idea of fusing fabric and 3D printed items.

    Been playing with Google Home, wifi lights and home automation. Along with asking a speaker to turn on lights at night and play music it has been fascinating to watch our wee girl ask questions and experiment with talking to computers.

    We are now mortgage free. It sort of happened in a planned and without much fanfare but it is one hell of an achievement and one that should make things more flexible over the next few years. I am dying to find a way to make work more flexible while retaining the opportunity to work with young people doing Design work. Should be an interesting time.

Current Joys

  • a daughter who has a weirder sense of humour than me
  • web sites migrated to new hosting
  • the prospect of getting some sleep some time in the next few years
  • the new washing line I put in hasn't fallen over yet

Latest from the Garden

  • The garden has been establishing itself over the last few years with the fruit trees all starting to bear fruit and the vegetable garden settling into a routine. The orange tree I grew from seed has started to grow actual oranges which is nothing short of a miracle ... or climate change. The pergola is weathering in and is now a place to sit using hammocks or chairs. Grapevines are growing up the back corners of it and the plan is to train them across the top to create some shade.